SUMMER’S here and with the weather expected to warm up again this week readers of The Argus are invited to grab for their cameras and get snapping away.

Today we are re-launching our One Summer’s Day picture competition so that you can all get out their capturing some beautiful images.

It is all about getting pictures to show what summer means to you.

Is it a game of cricket on the village green, a bee flying between the flowers or the glistening water at the beach?

We love to see pictures of people but you can take a picture of anything you like and send it in by the end of the month to enter.

We are inviting all existing and new Argus Camera Club members to enter.

Just like the camera club you can enter whether you have the latest equipment, a small point and shoot camera or even if you just use your phone.

These days most of us have the ability to capture a picture at any given moment thanks to the phone in your pocket.

So if you see something interesting then capture it.

Argus Picture editor Allan Hutchings said: “It is fantastic to see the amazing pictures that readers send in for our letters page and to the camera club.

“One Summer’s Day is another great chance to get out there in the sunshine taking photographs and Sussex really is the perfect backdrop.

“We have bustling cities, the seaside and the most beautiful villages in the country too.”

The big difference this year is that we are not restricting One Summer’s Day to the longest day of the year.

You can take your picture on any day but the winners will be those who capture the essence of summer.

We have made the deadline later too so that those in the under-16 category have some time in the summer holiday off school to take some pictures.

Argus editor Arron Hendy said: “We have had a fantastic response since launching our camera club this year so we know there are lots of people out there who love taking pictures.

“It’s not always about having the latest fancy equipment either.

“We know some of the best pictures can be snapped on a phone just to capture the moment.

“We have got a great bunch of readers who always respond fantastically to One Summer’s Day so we are really looking forward to seeing what you take this year.

“Whether you are out on a walk, camping or just looking out of your window, why not give it a shot.”


ANYONE can enter our One Summer’s Day photography competition – whether you are a seasoned professional or a keen amateur.

We want you to capture what a summer’s day means to you but this year you can take the picture on any day, just make sure you enter before the deadline, which is Friday, August 11. 

There will be first, second and third place prizes for adults and a junior prize for those under 16.

Pictures should be sent by email to

All entries need to be sent in as medium-sized jpeg files, no GIF, PNG, TIFF or RAW files please.


MORE than 150 photographs have been posted in the club’s Facebook group since The Argus’s Camera Club was launched in April.

Members’ work include atmospheric street shots, park scenes, wildlife images and new angles on some of Sussex’s beautiful buildings have all impressed fellow members and the Argus team.

The group is aimed at everyone from seasoned amateurs to budding new photographers, whether you have all the latest kit or just an eye for taking a fantastic picture on your smartphone.

Post your snaps of everything from community events large or small, new angles on familiar places or even breaking news if you find yourself in the middle of the action.

You can join our dedicated Facebook group where members can share their best snaps and tips, get feedback and ask for advice.

It has become a great place for snappers to talk about ideas and see the work of their peers.

To join the Argus Camera Club go to