SINGER Alison Moyet says she has been offered food by strangers because she looks like a “bag lady”.

The star, who enjoyed several hits in the 1980s with the likes of Is This Love? and That Ole Devil Called Love, has returned to college to study sculpture.

She told The Graham Norton Show that nobody spots her when she travels from her home in Brighton to college in London.

“I get the late train (back) and no one recognises me – I look a sight and am as rough as you like. I actually think people avoid me because I look like a bag lady,” Moyet said.

“I was on the train the other night and managed to get a seat. There were two businessmen opposite me and a smart young lady next to me and I was crammed in with all my bags and covered in plaster and clay and as she was leaving she pushed over her leftovers and said, ‘would you like my food?’.”

The former Yazoo singer, 55, said of studying sculpture: “I liked the idea of doing something dexterous.”