LLOYD Russell-Moyle is set to make a decision within weeks over how long he will continue to double as Brighton Kemptown MP and city councillor.

The Labour MP will meet with party members and residents early next month to decide when he might step down from the council and force a by-election.

The news comes as the Liberal Democrats call on him to stand down immediately.

LibDem activist Orla May said East Brighton deserved a councillor who was able to represent them “properly”.

Councillor Russell-Moyle has already moved to reduce his responsibilities in the wake of his stunning election victory last month in turning Conservative Simon Kirby’s majority of 690 into a near 10,000 majority for Labour.

The Brighton Kemptown MP will be replaced as secretary of the Constituency Labour Party in a fortnight’s time following a vote.

Solomon Curtis, the party’s candidate for Brighton Pavilion in June and Kemptown resident, is among the candidates to replace him.

He became a city councillor for the Labour safe ward of East Brighton in August when he won a by-election.

Cllr Russell-Moyle said he would listen to party members in East Brighton, residents on the neighbourhood council and the Jewish Labour group before making a decision about his future next month.

He said: “The Liberal Democrats can call all they want.

“What matters is the residents and the community.

“There was a feeling after the election that we had too many elections and I did not want to add to that.

“I have agreed to hold a discussion with residents in the first week of August and I will wait to hear what they would like me to do.

“I have already said I would not continue as councillor for longer than a year and it will probably be less than that.

“It will probably be a couple of months even though there are MPs who continue as councillors for years.”

Lib Dem activist Orla May, party organiser for the Brighton Kemptown constituency, said it is a matter of principle and he should quit now.

She said: “The residents of East Brighton deserve to have a councillor who is properly able to represent them and their interests locally. As Brighton Kemptown MP, Mr Russell-Moyle is no longer able to stand up for East Brighton residents.

“To have not yet stood down as city councillor is a clear indication of the disregard he has for the interests of the ward’s residents.

‘He should stand down immediately so East Brighton residents can elect a hardworking councillor to focus on the issues that are affecting them at council level.”