BRIGHTON Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas says businesses need more reassurance and clarity in the run-up to Brexit.

And she said she agrees with incoming LibDem leader-to-be Sir Vince Cable that Brexit may never happen at all.

She was speaking to businesses based in the Entrepreneurial Spark at Preston Road, Brighton.

Ms Lucas said government ministers are in denial saying that everything is going to be ‘brilliant’ after the country leaves the EU.

She said: “There is great uncertainty and legitimate fear about what is going to happen.

“The drop in exchange rates has already caused problems for businesses and they need reassurance.

“The information coming from government ministers needs to be clearer.

“Some of what they have been saying is northing short of insulting.

“We have head far too meaningless sound bites when what is needed is clarity, which could so much for business.

“Companies are having to take risks as a result and that shouldn’t be the case.”

Ms Lucas wonders if Brexit will happen.

Last weekend Sir Vince Cable said he was beginning to think Britain would never leave the EU – especially if the economy crashes.

He said: “There is an imminent issue which is whether the government continues to pursue the so-called hard Brexit – leaving the customs union and single market.

“We have got to work with other people.

“We did last week – there was a motion in parliament led by some Labour MPs we supported, to try to head off that disastrous outcome.”

Ms Lucas said she agreed with this view saying the timeframe could literally take years.

Negotiations will take two years and she said the possibility of transition periods plus securing free trade agreements could mean Brexit is a long way off.

She is a great fan of free movement and believes that ending it will be economically damaging.

Ms Lucas also told the group that she has seen many EU citizens who are “quite literally beside themselves” fearing they may have to leave the country after Brexit.

She said: “These people have made their lives here.

“We are literally having to have the tissues at the ready.”

Ms Lucas says Green Party policy is accept the referendum was an instruction to the government to begin Brexit negotiations.

She said: “We don’t, however, believe the decision should be irreversible.

“The referendum was the start, not the end, of the democratic process, and it is right people should have a say on the final deal in a ratification referendum – with the option to remain in the EU if they choose.”