A COUPLE have given a loving home to one of two dogs found abandoned in a house without water.

Sam the Rottweiler and Lexi the Staffy were left for two days at a home in south Croydon, but RSPCA Inspector Anthony Pulfer thankfully came to their rescue.

Lexi has been renamed Maisie and is happy living with her new owners in Uckfield, Mo and Alan Brennan.

The dogs had been locked in the front bedroom with no water and the room was covered in faeces and urine so it was obvious the dogs had been left for a few days.

Their story is being told on Channel 5’s The Dog Rescuers.

 Inspector Pulfer said: “We monitored the property and there was no person going in and out of the address. This made me obviously very concerned that the animals may not have food or water and could be suffering.

“When I’m called out to dogs that have been abandoned they are usually very distressed. It must be quite alien to them really. They’re used to someone feeding and watering them and trying to walk them every day. So when that suddenly stops it really alarms them and they get really anxious and really scared.”

Inspector Pulfer contacted the police to gain entry into the house. They found Lexi and Sam confined in the front room by a baby gate. Lexi was very scared and nervous at their arrival and Sam also seemed very distressed and was barking loudly.

Inspector Pulfer explained: “When animals are stressed they sometimes show their frustration in the only way they know how, so ultimately they can use their bark and they can use their mouth.

“We have to be careful in these situations. That’s when the police dog section comes into their own. We work together to get that resolution which is the animal safely in our van.”

 Getting eight-year-old Lexi the staffy out of the house and into the van was fairly easy but Sam proved a little more difficult as he was very distressed and had to be bribed with food.

The two dogs were taken to the vets for a check-up where vet Vince Sifre found that Lexi was fairly healthy but had some problems with one of her ears which required drops.

 Ten-year-old Sam the Rottweiler was not in a good condition. The ageing dog had halitosis, bad teeth and lots of lumps that needed testing to see if they were malignant.

Rotties are predisposed to malignant tumours and the vet explained it seemed like Sam’s age was against him.

The pair were looked after at RSPCA South Godstone Animal Centre where animal care assistant Lily Gallup helped them become more confident and relaxed around people.

Lexi and Sam’s owner signed them over to the RSPCA and so the pair could be happily rehomed..

Lexi who has now been named Maisie by her new owners Mo and Alan Brennan has become a huge part of the couple’s life but sadly they were rocked by tragic news just a couple of weeks ago.

 Mrs Brennan, who lives in Uckfield, said: “She is an amazing little dog but sadly she has been diagnosed with cancer. It’s devastating.

 “We noticed a lump on the back of her leg about two weeks ago and everything has moved very quickly since then. She was diagnosed with lymphoma and has already started chemo.

“In herself she’s brilliant. She’s amazing, we take her for long walks in Ashdown Forest and you wouldn’t think there was anything wrong with her.

“I wish I had her years ago as she’s such a fantastic dog.

“She has lived with us for three months but it already feels like a lifetime. She’s such a big part of our lives now and we’re going to do the best we can for her.”

Mrs Brennan said she is very upset but glad that Maisie is with them now having the best care and attention after all she has been through.

Presenter Alan Davies said: “The Dog Rescuers goes behind the scenes to see the RSPCA at work rescuing dogs from neglect and abuse.

“It’s sad to see dogs suffering but always a joy when they are nursed back to health and find loving new homes.”

Sam and Lexi’s story featured on Channel 5’s Dog Rescuers last night. Watch the episode on my5.tv.