A COUPLE were just seconds from being married when they were forced to flee following Sunday’s Grand bomb hoax.

Dan Rosehill, 31, and Gaby Leslie, 29, were then quizzed by police who asked if a jealous ex could have been behind the hoax call.

As is traditional with a Jewish ceremony, bride Gaby had to walk around her groom seven times before the rabbi could pronounce them husband and wife.

But as she was about to complete the seven laps the fire alarm sounded and the seafront hotel was evacuated by police fearing a terror attack.

The couple and their guests had to flee and took shelter in the nearby Hilton Metropole.

In accordance with Jewish tradition, marriage ceremonies must take place under a four-pillared altar and be held before 6.30pm. The quick thinking rabbi suggested creating a makeshift Chuppah by getting Mr Rosehill’s brother and three friends to hold a tablecloth above their heads so their marriage could go ahead.

Mr Rosehill, 31, who runs a vinyl and coffee shop in Elizabeth Road, Hove, said: “It was an interesting experience. We certainly will never forget it. “The rabbi was just about to announce us as husband and wife and at that point the alarms went off.

“I wondered if it was divine intervention or something.

“Then we realised it was not just a test and we were all going to be sent over to the Metropole.

“It was really windy on the seafront and there were people there in bath robes who had come from the spa.

“The rabbi came up with the idea to make the four pillars of the Chuppah altar by my brother and three best friends standing holding a table cloth.

“Then we had to go upstairs to be interviewed by the police to find out if a jealous ex girlfriend had been behind the hoax.

“The band had left al their instruments at The Grand - an 11 piece band - so they found some cocktail shakers and keys and things and put a backing track on a PA system and managed to make some music until about 10.30pm when we were able to go back The Grand.

“Then we had our first dance all over again. “Everyone at the Metropole and The Grand were fantastic. “The Metropole found a whole room for us and our guests so our wedding didn’t have to be cancelled.”