RESIDENTS have launched a petition in the hope the Government will listen to their pleas to get police back in their town.

People in Peacehaven have wanted a police presence since the station was closed in September last year. After the station closed there was a surge in crime, and people are now calling for their voices to be heard.

The petition, Bring Back Our Police Station, will be sent to Lloyd Russell-Moyle, MP for Brighton Kemptown, to address the issue in Parliament.

It was launched by Krishna Mutty and says: “The crime rate has dramatically increased since Peacehaven and Telscombe Cliffs lost its police and its police station.

“We need to take back our town and get rid of these awful people who think they can scare us.

“Well no more.

“We want our police back and we want to take control of our town. We don’t stand for crime. We stand as a community.”

The petition began yesterday and has a target of 500 signatures.

It had more than 300 in the first few hours it was active.

Antisocial behaviour has been the most prominent crime in the town.

There was a 50 per cent rise during the first six months of this year compared with 2016.

From January to June this year, 227 acts of antisocial behaviour were reported – up from 145 the year before.

Terri Matthews is one of the many concerned neighbours who will be signing the petition.

Mrs Matthews, 35, of Montreal Close, said: “Crime in Peacehaven has changed dramatically. There is always something bad going on here now.

“The police station coming back would really help reduce the crime in Peacehaven.

“Just a police presence would, in fact.

“It takes longer to get here for 999 calls coming from Lewes or Newhaven so it would definitely help.

“We need to be listened to – it is our town and we know what’s going on here.

“We should be part of the decision, not just someone sitting a million miles away in an office saying ‘we need to cut costs, lets get rid of the police station’.”

Fellow resident Theresa Bartram also backs the return of officers.

She said: “I am concerned about the crime in the town.

“We need an active police presence in Peacehaven 24 hours a day in order to reduce the crime here.”

MP Mr Russell-Moyle has publicly expressed his desire to explore the options of what can be done to get a police presence back in Peacehaven.

He has met Katy Bourne, Sussex’s police and crime commissioner, to discuss the issue.