PROUD Justin White – who works for law firm Coffin Mew – has raised £3,000 for St Wilfrid’s Hospice by scaling three of Iceland’s largest volcanoes in a gruelling four-day team challenge.

He said: “The weather kept changing from one extreme to the other, it was brutal.

“One minute we’d be trying to see through the blinding sun then suddenly a storm or blizzard would hit, and we’d be clinging on to the side of a volcano for dear life. Temperatures went down to minus 25 degrees and I ran out of water at one point.

“I returned to England a broken man.”

Despite the hardships, Justin completed the expedition successfully and topped the team leader board in terms of funds raised for charity.

He was one of just a handful of people to reach the summit of one of the largest volcanoes, Eyjafjallajökull after a 13-hour hike across a glacier, something he found immensely satisfying.