BLOOD found on a murder suspect’s clothes show he must have stamped on or kicked his victim as he lay on the ground, a court was told.

Duncan Hearsey’s clothes were found covered in the blood of Alan Creasey, 65, who died following an attack at his home in Lancing a jury heard.

Lewes Crown Court was told that drops of blood were found on Hearsey’s jacket, jeans and belt he was wearing on April 29. After studying the position and types of drops of blood, forensic scientist Emma Howes said: “The extensive nature, in other words how much blood and the location of the blood, means I would expect Mr Hearsey had assaulted Alan Creasey. I would expect that assault to have been at low level.

“The wearer or these items is likely to have stamped or kicked into wet blood. “

Ms Howes also analysed the blood found at Mr Creasey’s home in Ingleside Crescent. She said that the pattern of sprayed drops of blood showed Mr Creasey must have been bleeding on the floor as the attack continued.

She said: “The scientific findings show Mr Creasey was assaulted on the lounge floor of his address and that assault was likely to have included stamping or kicking. There’s a lot of blood deposited in a small area. To me that is indicative of a sustained assault.”

Ms Howes said that a pool of blood found underneath a duvet, which Mr Creasey’s head was lying on when he was found by police suggested he had been moved after the attack.

She said: “There has been quite a sustained assault while Mr Creasey was on the floor. But he has been moved. The duvet has been put there and he has been put on top.”

Alan Kent QC, defending Hearsey, cross examined the expert.

He suggested that the spray from the pool of blood could have come from someone standing in a puddle of blood on the floor. Ms Howes agreed it was possible but his head would have had to have been moved first and she said there was no evidence of that. Hearsey, 44, of Emerald Quay, Shoreham denies murder. The trial continues.