A NEW outdoor gym has been installed in Horsham Park in a first for the town.

The equipment is free to use and fully accessible for users of all fitness levels.

The council’s Wellbeing team will be providing free training sessions how to use the gym equipment and signage at the equipment locations will provide instructions on how to use each item safely.

The outdoor gym is split into two separate fitness sites with different styles of training.

Horsham District Council’s cabinet member for Leisure and Culture cllr Jonathan Chowen said: “Horsham Park is the town’s most central green space and as such is very deserving of all its recent investments.

“Thanks to Section 106 funding from developers which is set aside to provide infrastructure improvements, this town centre space can now host an impressive range of all-weather gym equipment for members of our community.

“This all contributes towards the council’s ambition to make Horsham Park a multi-purpose welcoming public space.”