With reference to the article "Mum's anger over missing doctor" (The Argus, March 8), I feel this story is one-sided against Dr William Macleod. While I feel very sorry for Emma Witney, her anger should be directed towards the trust that runs Eastbourne District General Hospital (EDGH).

Do they not have another neurologoist to cover? If not, why not?

What are the reasons a doctor is off with stress? I believe it is down to the working conditions.

I was referred to Dr Macleod at the EDGH for what turned out to be a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

On the days I attended his clinic, he was running between at least three consulting rooms with a patient waiting in every room. As a patient it was like being on a conveyor belt for what seemed like a five-minute slot. No wonder he is off with stress. Dr Macleod is a fine neurologist and deserves more support from the NHS and this woeful Government. At least at the Esperance he has the time to treat his patients in a professional and stress-free manner.

  • Stuart Foster, Skyline View, Peacehaven