Voters misled, says Labour

4:51pm Monday 16th July 2001

By Margaret Smith

LABOUR has accused the Liberal Democrats of circulating a "misleading" newsletter before the General Election.

A Liberal Democrat leaflet in the Beaconsfield constituency claimed that "In the last election in Beaconsfield Constituency Lib Dems polled three times the Labour vote!".

However, Labour claims the statement was misleading as in the last General Election in Beaconsfield, the Lib Dems polled 10,722 votes just 659 more than the Labour Party.

The leaflet referred to a by-election for two town council seats held in February this year.

Doug Vangen, the Labour Party election agent in the Beaconsfield Constituency, said: "Admittedly, the statement made in the Liberal Democrat manifesto was qualified by a minute asterisk that was linked to an even more minute explanation."

But, he added, the statement could have misled voters.

Stephen Lloyd, who was a parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats in Beaconsfield at the General Election, said he felt quite comfortable with the statement.

He said: "I'm sorry people said it was a untruthful statement. It was a true statement."

He added: "In the last election that took place in Beaconsfield we had three times as many votes as the Labour Party."


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