Most women would like to upsize their assets - but Sherri Razavi has spent four years desperately trying to downsize hers.

The 19-year-old has suffered at the hands of bullies and even been the victim of an attack because of the size of her breasts.

But after a long battle with doctors who said she was too young she has finally had the breast reduction operation she has been longing for.

The aspiring actress says she will spend this week shopping for new bikinis now her bra size has dropped from JJ to DD.

Sherri, who went to Varndean School in Balfour Road, Brighton, said: "Big boobs run in the family, but neither my mum’s nor my sister’s were as big as mine - at 13 they were already a FF.

"I was sent to a physiotherapist for the severe back and neck pain I was suffering and she said my body was struggling to cope with the weight of my boobs.

"I began to hate them. I was bursting out of my shirt at school, people teased me constantly, I was the school joke.

"It became so miserable I stopped going and as a result I didn't do as well in my GCSEs as I know I could have."

In October 2007 Sherri, from Coldean, was punched in the face and thrown to the ground by a man.

Her 30FF chest dominated her 5ft figure and she began to lose confidence and stop going out because of the taunts she received.

She said: "At 16 my GP said I was too young for a reduction even though I was in constant pain and couldn't stand up straight. I went to see a surgeon and they said my back would literally crumble if it carried on but agreed I was too young."

It would have cost Sherri £7,000 to have the surgery privately and she began raising the money.

But in December Sherri was approached by TV documentary makers who offered her the chance of life-changing surgery at the specialist Clare Park Hospital in Farnham, Surrey.

She said: "I grabbed it with open arms. I wasn't worried about the operation because I wanted it so much – I was actually really calm even though my mum was in tears.

"I have some scars now but I don't care about them, I am happy every day and that is something I haven't known since I was little.

"I have dreams about buying bikinis rather than dreading it.

"Everyone keeps saying I'm taller but it's just that I can stand up straight now – I am standing up tall in every sense of the word and I'm planning to go to college and do acting and modelling now people will finally take me seriously."

Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies will be on Wednesday at 8pm.

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