A dementia sufferer travelled hundreds of miles after wandering off from a funeral.

The 73-year-old West Sussex man was found by chance after his car was pulled over by police in Abingdon, Oxfordshire for driving erratically.

After stopping the pensioner at 3am on Sunday, August 9, police searched his car to find a scrap of paper bearing his Sussex address and a petrol station receipts, showing he had also been to Northampton on his 200-mile trip.

Officers contacted his worried wife, who said he had wandered off from a funeral the day before, but she could not make the 130mile journey to collect him.

So the man was taken to a nearby care home for the night and the following morning Thames Valley Police officers drove him to Heathrow, where their Sussex Police colleagues collected him and took him home.

Insp Ian Money, of Thames Valley Police, said: “Fortunately officers noticed this man and pulled him over before he was involved in a collision, injuring himself or anyone else.”

The man is believed to have gone missing from West Sussex on August 8.