A cycling group has renewed calls for a 20mph speed limit in Brighton and Hove and more safety training for cyclists.

Bricycles demanded action after figures suggested only a small reduction in the number of cyclists injured on the roads between 2004 and 2008 from 634 to 632.

In the latest serious crash, a 62-year-old Hove man was left badly hurt in a hit and run in Montpelier Road, Brighton on Friday.

In East Sussex the number of cycle accidents with injuries rose 12.6% from 230 to 259.

In West Sussex the number of accidents dipped by 12.3% from 275 to 241 accidents in the same period.

Countywide the number of cyclists who were killed also fell from five in 2004 to two in 2008.

In 2008 in Brighton and Hove there were 132 accidents, up from 129 in 2004. There were no fatalities in 2008.

A spokesman for cycling group Bricycles said the overall static nature of the number of cyclist injuries shows more safety training for adults is needed.

Adam Pride, secretary of Bricycles, said: “Brighton and Hove is a demanding place to cycle with very fast moving traffic and we are fully supporting moves to introduce a 20mph speed limit.

“In London, where in places it has been introduced, there has been a dramatic reduction in cyclist injuries so we would definitely like to see that happen.

“There is also not much in terms to promote safe cycling in Brighton among adults and I don't think there's much in terms of infrastructure to safeguard cyclists.”