A maths teacher has found a formula for success with a puzzle he has created after being told “there’s an app” for that.

John Enock, head of maths at Ardingly College Prep School, has created a game called Quaso which has been snapped up by Apple as an app for the iPhone.

Mr Enock came up with the puzzle – which has been dubbed the new Sudoku – after designing a number of other maths games.

Players must complete four sums using four numbers. Easy versions use simple mental arithmetic, while more difficult puzzles require longer equations.

Mr Enock, who lives in Bexhill, said: “I have been writing puzzles for about ten years and had some published in newspapers and magazines and a book in 2008.

“Then I thought it would be good to write a puzzle that had more general appeal and I designed Quaso.

“A friend of mine who had seen the puzzle asked whether I had ever thought of making it into an app. Once he had explained the concept to me, it made perfect sense that it could be put into that format. My agent contacted an app company with the idea and they agreed to use it.”

Mr Enock handwrites all of his puzzles during the school holidays and tests out his designs on his wife Helen and their daughters Rosie, 25 and Florence, 20.

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