A man survived after being blasted in the face with a shotgun.

Police and an ambulance were called to the 56-year-old’s address after a gun shot was heard by neighbours.

Paramedics who arrived at the terraced home in Greenway, Eastbourne, on Thursday morning found the man with serious wounds to his face.

He was taken to Eastbourne District General Hospital (EDGH) where his injuries were said to be serious but not life threatening.

Sussex Police are investigating but are satisfied that nobody else was involved in the incident on Thursday at 8.20am.

Officers have not yet been able to speak to the man to establish if his injuries were accidental or not.

However, it was confirmed the victim, who has not been named, did have a firearms licence for the shotgun.

Yesterday shocked neighbours said the injured man and his partner were “quiet”.

It is believed the couple had moved to Greenway from a nearby street after falling victim to anti-social behaviour.

Ann Brooker, 70, said: “They moved in about 18 months ago and have always been very quiet.

“I didn't know that there was a shotgun in the house, that is a surprise to me.

“I know that she was very sick and has crohn's disease.

“I would see him more than her, but only occasionally. She hardly ever appeared outside.

“I would see him when he went off to work or came from work. I don't know where he works but he drove a lorry.

“I think her mother came over to get her because I haven't seen anyone there since yesterday.”

An ambulance, paramedics and three police cars arrived outside the house at 8.20am on Thursday.

Dr Rowley Cottingham, of South East Coast Immediate Care Scheme, was among the first to arrive.

He said: “We were able to get the man comfortable and reduce his pain.

“He had some serious injuries which were stabilised before he was transferred to hospital.”

The Sussex Air Ambulance was called in after it was thought the victim's injuries could be life threatening.

The helicopter landed in playing fields at nearby Ockynge Junior School but was stood down after the wounds were not as serious as first thought.

Last night a spokesman at EDGH said the injured man was “stable”.