A skeleton dating back to Roman times has been unearthed on an estate.

The rare find, which is believed to date back to the first and third Centuries, was found during a metal-detecting exhibition earlier this year.

An inquest in Arundel was told how a silver ring and a bottle that may have contained ashes were also unearthed next to the lead coffin.

The find, which was made by Ken Mordle from Midhurst, on April 7, near Chichester, was examined by the British Museum on May 12.

Under British Museum guidance the media are asked not to reveal the exact location of important historical finds.

The ring, which was dated to between AD43 and AD250, was found to be more than 10% precious metal and is therefore considered treasure by the Coroner of West Sussex Penelope Schofield.

The inquest was told that Chichester District Museum has already expressed an interest in exhibiting the ring.

It is not yet known how much the find is worth.