David Cameron has been accused of a second "gaffe" after telling the public at a Brighton and Hove event that Iran had nuclear weapons.

Labour said the Prime Minister was becoming a "foreign policy klutz" after the latest error.

Mr Cameron was speaking at a PM Direct event at Hove Town Hall on Thursday where he was questioned by 150 Argus readers.

When answering a question on whether Turkey should become a member state of the European Union, Mr Cameron said it could help solve the world's problems, "like the Middle East peace process, like the fact that Iran has got a nuclear weapon".

Shadow Europe Minister Chris Bryant said: "This is less of a hiccup, more of a dangerous habit.

"Considering Iran's nuclear ambitions constitute one of the most important foreign policy challenges facing us all, it is not just downright embarrassing that the prime minister has made this basic mistake, it's dangerous."

It is the second time Mr Cameron has been accused of a foreign policy "gaffe" in as many weeks after he said Britain was America's "junior partner" in the war against Nazi Germany in 1940.

An aide to David Cameron told the BBC: "If you watch back the prime minister's words, it is clear he is talking about Iran's pursuit of a nuclear weapon."