The finances of Pride remain unclear, five days after the event.

Pride bosses still do not know how much the event raised and Brighton and Hove City Council does not yet have a figure for how much the Preston Park clean-up cost.

Judith Manson, Pride’s communications and fundraising manager, said it could not release the final total as the security company which is responsible for counting the money collected on the day has not yet banked the full amount.

Meanwhile the tidy-up of Preston Park has been completed and the park has been handed back to Brighton and Hove City Council.

However despite the fact that council bosses rushed staff in to clean up the park quickly, it has no idea how much the clean-up cost.

Yesterday a spokeswoman for the council said it had still not been worked out.

But it seems likely that Pride will be asked to pay at least some of it.

Ms Manson also confirmed the possibility of finding a new venue for the annual event is something which will be discussed by the board in its debrief meeting.

She said: “We will be discussing anything and everything. Lots of things will be talked about and nothing will be beyond the bounds of discussion.”

The organisation also hopes to recruit at least six new trustees to join its current board of six members to plan next year’s event.