More seagulls have been shot and killed in brutal acts of animal cruelty.

In the latest case a dead gull was found by the South Coast Animal Service on Seaford beach on Monday.

Alex Szabo from the service said that he now knew of four confirmed cases of seagulls being shot in Seaford as well as around 30 in Saltdean and eight in Brighton and Hove.

Last week a 44-year-old Worthing man was arrested on suspicion of illegally shooting birds dead and bailed until October 23.

Mr Szabo said bullet wounds suffered by the birds found on Seaford beach on Monday suggested a high-powered air rifle had been used.

Roger Musselle from Roger’s Wildlife Rescue said that he was releasing 113 hand reared chicks at a secret location amid fears they could become targets of violence.

He said: “I’ve stopped releasing them in Saltdean, I’m not going to put them out to be sitting ducks.

“I normally release birds in the Tide Mills area but haven’t done this year.

“I would ask people to be as vigilant as possible and they should contact the police the moment they see anything.

“People have been getting away from it for too long and will continue to do so until there is a prosecution.”