Video: The policing of Albion’s match against Crystal Palace has been hailed a success by the city’s police chief despite fights breaking out at three railways stations.

A total of 28 people were arrested as fans clashed at Brighton, Falmer and Lewes, with yobs taunting opposition supporters, throwing objects, urinating on rivals and brawling.

But police warned yesterday more people would be arrested in connection with the violence.

Among those arrested were a 41-year-old Seaford man arrested at Lewes Station on suspicion of assault and a 29-year-old Hove man arrested outside the ground for the same offence.

Some fans had criticised the move by police not to keep Palace supporters in the ground after the final whistle and not to force opposing fans to take separate trains back into Brighton.

Chief Superintendent Graham Bartlett said the moves had been considered but were not operationally possible, despite there being 200 officers on duty.

He added: “Overall it was very successful.

“There were more police officers than we have had before and there were only three seats of disorder throughout the whole night from 2pm to midnight.

“There will always be lessons to be learnt when policing big events at new venues.

“I don’t anticipate we will see that level of policing for a Championship game again this season but you never know if the intelligence changes.”

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