Families called police after a couple were seen having sex on the beach in broad daylight.

The half naked couple were arrested after committing the lewd act just yards from children and holidaymakers on Brighton beach at 9am.

However, police let the pair off with a fine.

Graphic photos of the cavorting couple, which are too explicit for The Argus to publish, came to light yesterday (August 23) after city leaders and tourism bosses condemned stag and hen parties for damaging the image of Brighton and Hove.

Geoffrey Bowden, Brighton and Hove City Council ’s cabinet member for tourism, said he was “appalled” by the incident.

Shocked witness Simon Cummins, 30, from Essex, was on holiday in the city with friends Ben Stone and Richard Jones, when he saw what was happening.

He said: “The nearest families were ten metres away, if that. there were kids playing nearby.

“It was disgusting.

“I have young nephews and nieces and if I had seen that kind of thing going on in front of them I would have had a word.

“The woman and the man didn’t look like they were druggies, or dishevelled.

“They looked like normal, everyday people.

“It was a horrible sight to see.

“At one point a little boy pointed over at the couple and his mum had to haul him off in disgust.

“It’s not Ibiza at 3am in the morning.

“This was in broad daylight with families around and they just didn’t seem to care.

“They should have been locked up.”

A spokeswoman for Sussex Police confirmed officers attended the raunchy scene on Sunday.

She said: “Police were called |to Brighton beach, near West Street, on Sunday, August 19, at 9am where it was reported a couple were believed to be having sex.

“Two people were arrested and given fixed penalty notices.”