A restaurant has hit the headlines with its campaign to halt over-fishing.

The Fishlove Photographic Project is the brainchild of Nicholas Röhl, the owner of Japanese restaurant Moshimo restaurant (formerly Moshi Moshi) in Bartholomew Square, Brighton.

The latest campaign, shot by internationally renowned photographer Rankin, features Jerry Hall, Emilia Fox, Sir Ben Kingsley and Brighton actress Dakota Blue.

The controversial photograph of Lizzie Jagger, the daughter of Rolling Stones frontman Sir Mick Jagger and model Jerry Hall, was featured in newspapers around the globe.

Mr Röhl said all the fish taken in the photographs had been donated by Waitrose and were caught sustainably, according to the company’s environmental policy.

He said the idea came to him during a meeting with environmentalist Charles Clover, who was about to launch his film on the fishing crisis, End of the Line.

He said: “Charles had heard about our award-winning work in fish sustainability and had come in to talk about how we might help.

“He had come to the meeting armed with an image that had been created by advertising agency Leo Burnett, featuring a naked woman cradling a fish in her arms as if she were breast-feeding it.

“The image hit me between the eyes. The fishing crisis is quite complex and difficult for people to understand, but this was so simple.

“It said everything that anyone needed to know about the fishing crisis – if we don’t start protecting fish they will die out.”

The Fishlove exhibition, at the Pertwee, Anderson & Gold gallery in Bateman Street, London W1, opens on Friday.