SHOPPERS are being offered a restaurant-style meal experience in-store.

Instead of heading to the more usual fine-dining restaurants, Waitrose is hoping people will try something a little different.

The company is trying out its first official Supper Club in Sussex at its new store in Haywards Heath.

Customers will be able to have a top quality meal created by chefs from the company’s three cookery schools.

The cafe will be transformed for eight evenings in April – starting on Wednesday – and for four evenings in May.

Customers will be able to choose from an exclusive three course menu, including nibbles and drinks.

Music and ambient lighting will feature while people dine and tables will be laid out for both couples and larger groups.

This is the first time the concept has been launched at a new store.

However, it was trialled for a short period last year at the company’s Newbury and Salisbury stores.

Waitrose Cookery Schools’ manager Karen Himsworth said: “This aims to deliver the next level of in-store dining at Waitrose, building upon concepts like our sushi bars and wine bars.

“We want to make our stores a food destination in the evenings as well as in the day.

“We realise a supermarket might not spring to mind when people are thinking about dining out in the evening but we want that to change.

“Our aim is to create an atmosphere that is inviting whether you are having a meal for two or out with a group of friends.

“We will look at next steps after we have finished the initial eight dates.

“However, our aspiration is for this to continue at Haywards Heath and to explore how we might

introduce it in other branches across the Waitrose estate.”

The three course meal includes nibbles and drinks and costs £35.

There is space for up to 50 customers on each night during the trial period.