The boss at a well-known restaurant has thrown down the gauntlet to chefs across Brighton and Hove.

Karl Jones, owner of Moshi Moshi in Bartholomew Square, Brighton, wants the culinary experts to create the best Japanese-inspired vegan food on earth.

The Great Moshi Vegan Challenge takes place tomorrow. It will see eight of the city’s top chefs create a Japanese inspired vegan dish to give food-lovers a chance to sample innovative cuisine that is at the forefront of ethical dining.

Operated in association with Redwood – the vegetarian food company owned by Heather Mills – the competition will demonstrate what its menu might look like in the future if fish stocks continue to deplete at the present rate, according to Mr Jones. Hotel Du Vin, Yum Tum Sushi, Indian Summer, Sabai Thai, V-bites, Cantina, Cashew Catering, Titbits Vegan Foods, and L’Eglise will produce dishes which diners will be then be asked to rank in preference to find the most popular dish of the evening.

Mr Jones said: “Demand for fish continues to grow and the methods for catching fish remain unsustainable so we’re keen to look at approaches to protect fish stocks for future generations. “One of the ways we can do this is to increase the amount of vegan and vegetarian food and decrease the amount of animal or fish protein on our plate.

“We hold the vegan challenge to get people to imagine what Moshi Moshi might be like if overfishing continues to deplete the world’s fish stocks.

“We are delighted that the success of the previous challenge has even contributed to us winning the prestigious PETA “Proggy” award this year.”

For details call 01273 719195 or email info@moshibrighton