Agenda: unpaid internships can be a force for good

The Argus: James Garside

12:59pm Tuesday 22nd October 2013

You’d think interns needed rescuing from indentured servitude, after all the kerfuffle about them at The Big Debate last week, but my unpaid internship with Brighton Housing Trust was just the job.

LLP has plenty to offer firms and not just for financial reasons

The Argus: LLP has plenty to offer firms and not just for financial reasons

10:00am Wednesday 3rd July 2013

Stuart Noakes, head of the tax services group at Sussex-based chartered accountants Carpenter Box LLP, looks at the merits of Limited Liability Partnership.

Is your business fleet up to scratch?

The Argus: Is your business fleet up to scratch?

3:00pm Tuesday 2nd July 2013

Five years on from the introduction of the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act, Darrell Sansom, managing director at AXA Business Insurance warns many businesses with company vans are not protecting themselves against potential prosecution in the event of an accident.

Who reviews the reviewers?

The Argus: Byrne: at we process more than 22,000 reviews a month and read every one

3:56pm Tuesday 7th May 2013

The owners of business review sites must be accountable for their content

The Living Wage is not a done deal

The Argus: Brighton & Hove Council must come clean on tourism tax

8:25am Tuesday 7th May 2013

By the time you see a bandwagon heading towards you, it’s too late.

Brighton's ugliest building deserves a more attractive future

The Argus: Brighton & Hove Council must come clean on tourism tax

8:43am Tuesday 30th April 2013

The fate of the site in Preston Road is a metaphor for planning in the city

Brighton business needs the EU

The Argus: Time to rethink unpaid internships

8:23pm Friday 31st May 2013

By Jon Norris of Crunch Accounting in Hove

Brighton businesses must not fear failure

The Argus: Chanteray: serious issues to discuss

10:50am Thursday 25th April 2013

 By Julia Chanteray

Sussex’s digital firms needs the best and the brightest

The Argus: Caroline Morris: wage levels are being pushed up in the city's digital sector

12:00pm Wednesday 24th April 2013

by Caroline Morris

Paying the price of free speech

The Argus: March for England 2013 in Brighton

8:53am Monday 22nd April 2013

The obnoxious have as much right to air their views as the virtuous.

No more twists from water park developers

The Argus: Brighton & Hove Council must come clean on tourism tax

6:27pm Wednesday 17th April 2013

Transparency needed to instil confidence The saga over the development of the world’s largest water park in Newhaven has had more twists than the Pirates of the Caribbean-themed ride at Disneyland Paris.

The trend for apprenticeships is good for Brighton and Hove

The Argus: Darren Fell: learn on the job

11:00am Tuesday 16th April 2013

Not all people are suited for university, says Crunch boss

Nothing sweet about the smell of Brighton and Hove’s tourist success

The Argus: Darren Hedges: 16 million tons of food waste ends up in landfill in the UK each year to an estimated cost of £22 billion.

12:18pm Wednesday 10th April 2013

Recycling food waste could make the city a more pleasant place to live

What’s the deal? Are Sussex firms mobilising their staff?

The Argus: Michael Divers: what lies at the heart of the relationship between a business and its people?

3:00pm Wednesday 3rd April 2013

If the UK's employee engagement levels were similar to those of the Netherlands, our GDP would increase by £25.8 billion

Thanks for nothing, George Osborne

11:55am Tuesday 2nd April 2013

It's time to stop expecting help from this Government

Credit control is vital for small businesses

The Argus: Darren Fell: learn on the job

8:29pm Friday 31st May 2013

By Darren Fell of Crunch Accounting in Hove

What has Europe ever done for Brighton and Hove?

The Argus: Martin Williams: the European marketplace is an opportunity

9:27am Wednesday 27th March 2013

We can't escape our geographical ties to Europe - and we should embrace our economic union.

Get your digits out – the city’s digital festival needs you!

The Argus: Tom Bailey: excited

12:45pm Tuesday 26th March 2013

Make connections across the city

Why TEDxBrighton belongs to the community

The Argus: Natalie Lloyd: growing the format

12:00pm Wednesday 20th March 2013

Groundbreaking conference is a permanent fixture

It's a pleasure doing business in Brighton & Hove

The Argus: Chanteray: serious issues to discuss

9:00am Saturday 16th March 2013

Chamber plans centenary summit

Brighton (and Hove) is this city’s strongest brand – so let’s shout about it

9:00am Friday 15th March 2013

Naming a business is like naming a child - it says more about the parent

Whatever happens in the budget, we can all take steps to bloom in the gloom

The Argus: Neil Edwards: the recession is showing all the signs of being a 10 year downturn

9:00am Thursday 14th March 2013

The chancellor has failed to deliver for small businesses, but we will survive

Offices vs homes: one size does not fit all

The Argus: James Epps: council should take a more creative approach

9:30am Sunday 3rd March 2013

The council must not make a 'pig's ear' of office-to-homes regulation

When ‘no comment’ speaks volumes

The Argus: Brighton & Hove Council must come clean on tourism tax

8:45am Tuesday 26th February 2013

Giving a journalist the cold shoulder doesn’t make a story go away

Brighton and Hove cannot live on fun and games

The Argus: Brighton & Hove Council must come clean on tourism tax

4:54pm Wednesday 20th February 2013

Tourism is important to the city's economy but is not enough - nor is it the most crucial sector

Brighton Pride is about participation, visibility, inclusion - and a little politics

The Argus: Paul Kemp: he council’s investment in this event is small and represents excellent value for money.

6:07pm Thursday 14th February 2013

Brighton Pride is recognised as hugely important in the financial year of the city to all businesses

Brighton and Hove's housing market is no bubble

The Argus: Patrick Kneath: Gone are the days of homeowners buying and selling and making a quick £50,000-£100,000

11:56am Wednesday 13th February 2013

House prices in the city are heading toward pre-recession peak

Brighton and Hove City Council must listen to tourism professionals

The Argus: Brighton and Hove City Council must listen to tourism professionals

4:09pm Wednesday 6th February 2013

What will happen to VistBrighton when the funding pot is empty? A Destination Management Organisation could be the answer

Don’t slam the door in the face of Brighton’s visitors

The Argus: Lilley: Brighton is not a premier resort

5:02pm Thursday 31st January 2013

By Peter Lilley Oxygen PR

Get ready to be disrupted – it’s what Brighton does best

The Argus: Get ready to be disrupted – it’s what Brighton does best

11:55am Tuesday 29th January 2013

Ask not, ‘Has this always been?’ but 'How could it be tomorrow?’

We must not underestimate the value of tourism

The Argus: The heat is on: tourism employs 14% of the local population directly

8:53am Thursday 24th January 2013

The tourist industry in Brighton and Hove cannot rely on public funding

Brighton and Hove city leaders must seize the day

10:29am Wednesday 23rd January 2013

Toads Hole Valley development should get green light

Don’t try to do everything yourself

The Argus: Ian Poysden

10:06am Thursday 17th January 2013

By Ian Poysden

Don't be afraid of the annual appraisal

The Argus: John Berry

3:40pm Wednesday 9th January 2013

By John Berry

Brighton & Hove Council must come clean on tourism tax

The Argus: Brighton & Hove Council must come clean on tourism tax

1:30pm Tuesday 8th January 2013

In an admirable display of transparent and inclusive policy-making the council has posted a questionnaire online seeking views from residents on the council tax but Brighton and Hove City Council has admitted it has no intention of implementing one of the proposals

Brighton and Hove's independent shops: use them or lose them

The Argus: Brighton and Hove's independent shops: use them or lose them

12:40pm Friday 21st December 2012

By Andy Winter

Burdens on businesses

The Argus: Richard Dykes of Knit-1

11:10am Thursday 13th December 2012

Richard Dykes of Knit-1 writes about the difficulties of setting up your own business

John Mitchell on your commercial lease

The Argus: John Mitchell of Adams & Remers

8:20am Wednesday 5th December 2012

Make sure your lease is not a noose around your neck, writes John Mitchell of Adams & Remers

Mixing business with politics

The Argus: Brighton and Hove Green Party executive member Rob Shepherd

8:30am Thursday 29th November 2012

They say never mix politics, religion or business at the dinner table. This alarms me because – and I’ll come to religion in a moment – I can talk for England about business, politics or a mixed green salad of the two, writes Rob Shepherd

The future is local

The Argus: Empty Shops Network founder Dan Thompson

4:37pm Wednesday 28th November 2012

As the number of empty shops in our town centres reaches an all-time high, it’s easy to believe that the high street is dead, writes social activist Dan Thompson of the Empty Shops Network

Businesses in Brighton and Hove must play to the city’s strengths

8:23am Tuesday 27th November 2012

New website will attract investment

Why finding local talent is the key to future success

The Argus: Michael Divers

9:21am Thursday 22nd November 2012

Employers must have a much greater role in educating young people

How celebrities can reveal the naked truth

The Argus: Catch of the day: Lizzie Jagger

9:15am Wednesday 21st November 2012

It helps to use wit and irony to convey a complicated message

Is the Brighton Centre fit for purpose?

The Argus: These conference organisers look happy - but will they bring in business

5:10pm Tuesday 20th November 2012

The conference centre by the sea will struggle to attract big events

Transformed by technology

The Argus: Sheila Flavell, chief operating officer, FDM Group

5:27pm Thursday 15th November 2012

Sheila Flavell, chief operating officer of FDM group writes weekly feature sets the agenda for the Sussex business community. If you are running your own firm, you are the chairman of the board, or a community leader with something to say about the business scene, we want to hear from you. It might be something that affects people across the county or just those who work in your field, but we want your comments and views. Get involved – email or call 01273 544545 with your name, age, address and a short outline of what you would like to say plus contact details and we will be in touch.

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