RESCUERS freed a trapped deer on Christmas morning.

The animal - was not one of Santa's reindeers - but a fallow deer that became caught in electric rope in a field in Buxted.

When volunteers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) arrived just after 9am on Christmas morning a small herd of does were clearly worried and wondering why the buck couldn’t get free.

Rescuer Trevor Weeks said: "Looking at the markings on the floor and the state of the deer it was obvious the deer had been caught since the early hours of the morning”.

Rescuers Kathy Martyn and Chris Riddington used a net to restrict the deer's movement while Trevor grabbed hold of his rear legs and Laura Carrick threw a blanket over the buck's head. Rescuer Chris then took control of the deer’s head and antlers allow Kathy and Laura to cut away the electric rope.

Trevor said: “We could see the deer had been caught for some time, and was clearly very stressed and tired. Luckily the deer had no injuries and the rope was quickly and efficiently removed using cutting equipment.

“WRAS staff and volunteers work over the festive period and you have to be prepared for anything. It was Chris’s day off but he kindly come out as these rescues need experienced people to be safe. It was so nice to see the deer run off and know that whilst everyone is tucking into their Christmas Dinner and opening their gifts that this deer was free and not suffering. For me this is what Christmas is about, giving to and helping others.