A CRYSTAL meth addict who became a drug dealer to fund his habit faces jail.

Alan Pollard, 28, sold gay sex drugs crystal meth and GBL from his home in Montague Street, Brighton, to fund his eight-year addiction.

Pollard admitted all four charges at Lewes Crown Court.

Judge Charles Kemp warned Pollard he should expect a custodial sentence.

Tayo Adebayo, defending, told the court: “Pollard is someone who has been addicted to a number of drugs, in particular Class A drug crystal meth and GBL, for eight years.

“He said he was out of control and his only employment was as a handyman, so his only way to fund his habit was to start dealing.

“He has since started rehab sessions with Pavilions drugs service and has a key worker there.”

Sentencing has been adjourned until next month for reports.

Crystal meth and GBL are popular drugs on the chemsex scene in Brighton and Hove, which involves gay men having sex under the influence of drugs at private gatherings often organised on gay apps like Grindr.

Methylamphetamine, known by its street name crystal meth, is extremely powerful and addictive.

The drug is smoked and gives an intense powerful high followed by a severe comedown.

Gamma-butyrolactone, known as GBL, produces a feeling of euphoria and reduces inhibitions.

It can easily cause accidental overdose. The drug has also been linked to a dramatic rise in deaths in London, where someone died from GBL every 12 days in 2015, according to research by Imperial College London. Judge Kemp told Pollard: “You entered guilty pleas to four counts and this is a serious matter, which is likely to have a custodial sentence.

“Any involvement in the supply of prohibited drugs is likely to give rise to such an event particularly crystal meth.

“I will pass sentence next month as I feel I will be assisted by a pre-sentence report which will ask questions about your attitude to the offence and personal circumstances.

“The fact I have given you bail should not lead to you make a particular conclusion about what the sentence is likely to be.”

The handyman previously appeared at Brighton Magistrates Court last month.

Pollard, of Montague Street, Brighton, admitted possession with intent to supply and offering to supply crystal meth, a class A controlled drug.He also admitted to possession with intent to supply and offering to supply class C drug GBL between July 2016 and January 2017.