A 14-YEAR-OLD girl was pinned down and raped at a sleepover by a teenage boy, a court heard.

The boy, who was 13 at the time, is accused of forcing himself on the girl in his bedroom at his home in Brighton.

The girl was watching a film in bed with the boy before he raped her, Brighton Youth Court was told.

Prosecutor Richard Cherrill said: “On the night in question the girl had been at a boy’s house where he lived with his family.

“She claims he persuaded her to come into his room and asked his sister to leave, where they watched a film there.

“There came a time when she says he kissed her on the lips then proceeded to push her down and to take down her pyjama bottoms.

“He then made it clear he was going to have sex with her and she protested and tried to push him off.

“He pressed on and had sexual intercourse with her.

“She continued to protest but he ignored her.

“It is clear he is accused therefore on her account of raping her which means having sexual intercourse without her consent and having no reasonable belief she was consenting.”

The court was shown a video of a police interview with the girl in October 11 last year after she reported the incident to the police.

She said: “We were talking then he brought up his ex-girlfriend slagging her off. He was like ‘I need a way to take my mind off things’.

“He kissed me and I pushed him off me and said I didn’t want to.

“I said, ‘I don’t want to. You’re like my brother’.

“Then he went on top of me and pulled my trousers down. I was crying in shock and begging him to get off me. He basically raped me.

“He finally moved off me and I remember turning to the other side and waiting for him to go to sleep before I went home.”

She said the alleged attack lasted ten seconds and he later apologised to her on Snapchat.

But the court heard the 13-year- old in his police interview denied the rape took place and said the girl had in fact kissed him or tried to, and he did not reciprocate.

He maintains no intercourse took place.

Under cross examination the girl denied she tried to kiss the boy or had a crush on him.

The court also heard testing of the girls pyjamas found DNA, but the scientist said it was inconclusive whether it was the boy’s or another person’s.

The trial before District Judge Tessa Szagun continues.