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General Election

Results: 650 of 650 constituencies declared

CON 307 LAB 258 LIB DEM 57 OTHER 28

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Name: Simon Kirby

Candidate for: Brighton Kemptown

Party: Conservative

Votes: 16,217


Why I want to be an MP: I am passionate about Brighton Kemptown and think it is one of the best places to live in the country.
I was involved in campaigning for city status for Brighton and Hove.
I am truly honoured to be representing the Conservatives in an area I know intimately and love so much, at such an exciting time for the party nationally and locally.
Brighton Kemptown is going to be a keenly watched Parliamentary contest.
I think people have had enough of Labour both nationally and locally.
Since being selected for the seat in November 2006 I have listened to many local residents and the big issues locally are: the economy, public spending and the level of Government debt, inappropriate housing development, increasing job losses, antisocial behaviour, violent crime levels and the terrible state of our road network.

Marital status: Married to Elizabeth
East Sussex, December 22, 1964
Roedean Crescent, Brighton
Occupation: Set up Brighton’s radio station, which is now Juice FM, jointly owned local leisure business C-Side
Interests: Watching Whitehawk Football Club and walking my dogs.


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TSP says...
10:31am Sat 24 Apr 10

Can anybody tell me where "The Kemptown Estate Begins and Ends," According to the Tory campaign manager Mr Kenneth Woodcock in an e-mail to me explained that the elusive Simon Kirby had visited the Kemptown Estate last week pressing the flesh of 1100 constituents and was sorry I was not one of them!!! How out of touch are they really

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