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General Election

Results: 650 of 650 constituencies declared

CON 307 LAB 258 LIB DEM 57 OTHER 28

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Name: Amber Rudd

Candidate for: Hastings & Rye

Party: Conservative

Votes: 20,468


Why I want to be an MP: Ask me why I decided to go into politics and I’m tempted to slip into the political hyperbole about having a desire to “serve my country” or “create a fairer, more just society”.
Both would be wonderful but, in reality, my motives are more practical and much closer to home.
The truth is that I’m a parent and I want the best for my children.
I don’t want them to spend most of their lives paying off the debts that my generation ran up.
I don’t want them to feel betrayed because my generation did nothing to create a society where talent was nurtured, where effort was rewarded, where success was encouraged, where people took responsibility for their own actions and had pride in their own achievements.
Most of all, I don’t want them to look at us and say, “you saw what was happening and didn’t try to make a difference”.
I want a future our children deserve.

Marital status: Divorced
London, 1963
Address: Hastings
Recruitment consultant
Cooking, cinema, theatre, music

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