AN INFANT trauma centre threatened with closure due to funding problems is appealing for votes to win a £25,000 community award.

BrightPIP, which stands for Brighton Parent Infant Psychology, provides free support to families with new babies in the most deprived areas of Brighton.

The not for profit community interest company helps those who have problems caring for their youngsters as a result of post-natal depression.

The centre is due to close next month if it does not receive additional funding.

But it is in third place nationally to win an award from the Onefamily Foundation.

The service said if it wins, it will be able to continue its work for another year.

Dr Kerry Taylor, clinical psychologist and play therapist, said: “There has been a rather long campaign to be heard and to get investment in Parent Infant Psychotherapy here in Brighton.

“One of our stumbling blocks is that different narratives exist locally and nationally which may distort perceptions or confuse those with commissioning intentions such as ‘there is not a need’, ‘we have no money’ and ‘it is covered already’.”

BrightPIP works with babies and parents, from pregnancy to three years old, helping to form a foundation for all learning, health and behaviour that follows.

According to the service, 40 per cent of children aged five are likely to experience feelings of insecurity because the family has not been supported through trauma, which can range from post-natal depression to major events which the parents may find hard to deal with.

Post-natal depression affects one in ten women within the first year of giving birth.

Research has shown that stress in the family within the first years of a child’s life can weaken a developing brain and lead to behavioural problems.

An over-developed stress response in a child can lead to emotional and physical ill health in adult life.

Early intervention is vital to prevent problems later which cannot be reversed – which is why BrightPIP’s work is vital.

BrightPIP has been nominated for an award from the Onefamily Foundation alongside other services.

The project that secures the most votes from the public will win the £25,000 award which would make all the difference to BrightPIP’s survival.

To read more about BrightPIP and vote in the Onefamily Foundation Awards, visit

Voting ends on Wednesday.