A PHARMACEUTICAL company is helping new mothers to battle depression.

Bare Biology, the UK’s leading Omega-3 company, has teamed up with experts to create a self-help guide for mums-to-be.

Leading psychologist Anna Kingsley, fitness expert Louisa Drake, Sarah Fretwell and The Detox Kitchen all contributed to the guide, in

support of the PANDAS Foundation.

According to the foundation, one in 15 women suffers from a mental illness while carrying a baby, with 13 per cent suffering from anxiety and 12 per cent from depression.

Melanie Lawson, founder of Brighton firm Bare Biology, set up the business after overcoming perinatal depression herself.

Perinatal depression is the term used for expecting mothers going through the problem.

She said: “I found that changing my diet and lifestyle choices helped me overcome this illness along with cognitive behavioural therapy. I didn’t want to take anti-depressants. This was my choice, so I supplemented my diet with Omega 3 rich food and supplements instead.

“This is what I credit to having helped me overcome my illness and also what inspired me to launch my business.

“I am now happy and healthy and have three wonderful children and a loving family life.”

The PANDAS Foundation (Post and Ante Natal Depression Advice and Support) aims to help improve the lives of people affected by pre- and post-natal illnesses, which may include

depression, anxiety or psychosis.

Psychologist Anna Kingsley said: “Prenatal depression is an illness that strikes at a vulnerable time.

“Pregnant women report being scared they will be judged, misunderstood or ignored if they admit to feeling glum.

“They’re told that pregnancy is a joyful and exciting time, so they chalk their low mood up to pregnancy hormones and plough on in silence.”

Throughout this week, Bare Biology will also be donating ten per cent of sales of Bare Biology Bump and Glory – a supplement for pre and post-pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers – to the PANDAS Foundation. 

Studies have shown that

Omega-3 may help to balance hormones and reduce inflammation in the womb and aid fertility.

During pregnancy, the fatty acid supports brain development for mum and baby and, as a result, may help prevent perinatal


Bare Biology have also recently launched a sample size of Bump & Glory, allowing mothers to take the supplements more

easily on holiday and to work, or to try them before purchasing the full size product.