Smash EDO protesters arrested at Brighton factory gates

The Argus: Police confront protesters glued to the EDO MBM Technology factory in Moulescoomb

10:30am Wednesday 20th March 2013

Two people were arrested after protesters super-glued and bicycle-locked themselves to the front of the EDO MBM Technology factory in Home Farm Road, Moulsecoomb, for nearly six hours – with video

Smash EDO chain and super-glue themselves to factory in war protest

9:03am Tuesday 19th March 2013

Campaigners have chained and super-glued themselves to the the gates of a Brighton arms factory on the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

SmashEDO duo avoid jail

8:39am Friday 24th August 2012

Two anti-arms protesters have been found guilty of aggravated trespass after a trial at Brighton Magistrates' Court

Smash EDO trial runs out of time at Brighton court

The Argus: Gavin Pidwell and Jessica Nero with friends outside Brighton Magistrates' Court

3:20pm Saturday 4th August 2012

Presiding magistrate Peter Privett asked for a straightforward trial at Brighton Magistrates' Court, by day three the Smash EDO trial had to be adjourned until the end of August after hours of argument. Ben Parsons looks at the court process

Smash EDO protesters deny charges at Brighton court

9:35am Friday 3rd August 2012

Smash EDO protesters have explained their opposition to a factory in Moulescoomb to Brighton Magistrates

Smash EDO protests make Brighton Jewish community fearful, rabbi claims

10:02am Wednesday 11th July 2012

Political protests about Israel put Jewish people in Sussex in fear for their own safety, a religious leader has claimed.

Smash EDO accused of hijacking Brighton and Hove's Olympic Torch celebration

The Argus: Smash EDO march peacefully through Brighton

6:00pm Wednesday 27th June 2012

Protest group Smash EDO has been accused of trying to hijack another city celebration.

Top Brighton cop praises Smash EDO protesters

12:50pm Wednesday 6th June 2012

Brighton and Hove’s top policeman has thanked protesters for keeping their demonstration peaceful.

Smash EDO protesters complain about police liaison at Brighton march

The Argus: A protester speaks to a police officer outside Barclays in Brighton

1:10pm Tuesday 5th June 2012

Protesters in Brighton have complained about a new breed of police officer being sent to demonstrations to talk to people

Updated: Anti-arms protesters take to streets in Brighton and Hove

The Argus: SmashEDO protesters gather outside Barclays Bank in Brighton

11:30am Monday 4th June 2012

Anti-arms group Smash EDO is marching through central Brighton to Hove today (June 4) over the possibility of military action against Iran

Is it time to ban protests?

7:00am Wednesday 25th April 2012

People who took part in the March For England were clearly shaken by the opposition to the parade and the way in which it was expressed.

Brighton and Hove traders call for demonstrations to be kept out of centre

12:00pm Tuesday 17th April 2012

Fears over clashes between opposing groups

Rival groups set to bring city to standstill during protests

10:00am Friday 13th April 2012

Rival groups are set to bring a city to a standstill as residents celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Smash EDO's "moral duty" to protest

3:00pm Thursday 5th April 2012

Anti-arms group Smash EDO say it has a “moral duty” to protest in the city even though its “summer of resistance” will hit the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.

Row breaks out over Brighton Smash EDO protest at Jubilee

2:30pm Wednesday 28th March 2012

A bitter row has broken out over councillors’ condemnation of a Diamond Jubilee anti-arms protest.

Smash EDO plan Brighton protest during jubilee weekend

The Argus: Smash EDO is holding another protest in Brighton today (January 18, 2010) to mark the anniversary of the Gaza War.

2:38pm Thursday 1st March 2012

Anti-arms protesters are planning to demonstrate during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee weekend

May Day protests cost Sussex Police £300k

The Argus: Police and protesters at Brighton in April

3:40pm Thursday 24th November 2011

A policing operation costing hundreds of thousands of pounds will not result in a single person being punished

Smash EDO protesters on national recruitment drive

11:50am Tuesday 22nd November 2011

Smash EDO is holding a publicity drive in a bid to reignite its campaign to close a weapons components factory in Brighton

Smash EDO's call to university students

6:00pm Wednesday 28th September 2011

Protest group Smash EDO has issued a call to new students to the city.

Smash EDO plans "summer of resistance" in Brighton

2:30pm Tuesday 26th July 2011

A protest group is threatening to carry out a summer of resistance.

Updated: Eight arrested at Brighton May Day protests

The Argus: Updated: Eight arrested at Brighton May Day protests

9:38am Saturday 30th April 2011

An alliance of protest groups took to the streets of Brighton and Hove today for an early May Day protest.

Sussex Police vow protesters will not bring Brighton and Hove to a halt

9:29am Saturday 30th April 2011

Police have pledged to keep Brighton and Hove open for business today as an alliance of protest groups takes to the streets.

Three arrested after Smash EDO protest in Brighton

11:10am Tuesday 26th April 2011

Three people have been arrested after locking themselves to the gates of a Brighton factory in an anti-arms protest.

Sussex activists believe undercover police unit infiltrated protest group

4:00pm Wednesday 26th January 2011

Political activists believe a controversial undercover police unit infiltrated protest groups in Sussex.

Smash EDO blockades Brighton factory entrance

10:54am Tuesday 14th December 2010

Anti-arms protesters blockaded the entrance to a factory in Brighton this morning.

Police authority member faces complaint over Smash EDO comments

The Argus: Police authority member faces complaint over Smash EDO comments

11:07am Thursday 4th November 2010

A member of Sussex Police Authority has revealed he is facing a complaint over comments he made about the policing of Smash EDO protests.

Smash EDO protesters plan legal action against Sussex Police

1:10pm Wednesday 27th October 2010

Protesters arrested at a demonstration earlier this month are planning to take the police to court.

Brighton's Smash EDO "is broke"

5:40pm Wednesday 20th October 2010

Supporters of an anti-arms campaign that has cost people in Sussex £1 million have complained their organisation is broke.

Smash EDO policing bill to top £1m

The Argus: Pictures from the Smash EDO protest in October, 2010.

10:38am Friday 15th October 2010

Anti-arms campaigners Smash EDO have cost taxpayers £1 million.

Liveblog: Smash EDO protest hits Brighton

The Argus: Smash EDO protest latest

8:55am Wednesday 13th October 2010

UPDATE, 5.30pm: More than 20 Smash EDO protesters have been arrested today after up to 150 took to the streets to demonstrate.

Dozens arrested following Smash EDO protest

8:14pm Wednesday 13th October 2010

Fifty-three people were today arrested following a 200-strong protest organised by Smash EDO.

Sussex Police appeal to Smash EDO protesters

3:30pm Friday 8th October 2010

Police have made an internet video appeal to protesters to tell them about their plans for a demonstration at an arms factory.

Hove judge reprimanded for anti-Israel comments during Smash EDO trial

10:17am Thursday 7th October 2010

A judge has been reprimanded after making anti-Israel comments at the end of a trial, the Office for Judicial Complaints said today.

Anti-arms protesters plan "final push" on Brighton factory

The Argus: Smash EDO is holding another protest in Brighton today (January 18, 2010) to mark the anniversary of the Gaza War.

10:30am Friday 20th August 2010

Anti-arms protesters are planning a “final push” to close down a controversial factory.

Judge faces anti-Semitism probe after Brighton campaigners walk free

10:30am Monday 26th July 2010

A top judge is under investigation after being accused of making anti-Semitic comments that could have swayed a jury into acquitting a group of protesters.

Smash EDO protesters cleared after arguing attack was legal

The Argus: VICTORY: The Smash EDO protesters and supporters outside court this morning

12:00pm Friday 2nd July 2010

Smash EDO activists accused of plotting to cause thousands of pounds of damage to a Brighton weapons factory have been cleared after claiming to be preventing Israeli war crimes.

Brighton factory boss denies firm makes bombs for Israel

12:10pm Wednesday 9th June 2010

The boss of a Brighton factory at the centre of an arms row has denied it makes bomb release equipment for Israeli warplanes.

Peace campaigners vowed to put Brighton factory out of business, court told

1:10pm Tuesday 8th June 2010

Peace campaigners tried to put a Brighton factory at the centre of an arms row out of action, a court was told.

As new Brighton demo looms, we ask: What's the point of marching?

The Argus: FUTILE GESTURE? There have been several demonstrations against the EDO factory and yet it remains

10:47am Monday 1st February 2010

In just over a month thousands of people are expected to take part in a mass demonstration against jobs cuts.

Brighton Smash EDO protests cost taxpayer more than £700,000

3:40pm Thursday 21st January 2010

The total cost to the taxpayer for the Smash EDO demonstrations has topped £700,000.

Reaction to the Smash EDO funeral march

4:31pm Tuesday 19th January 2010

As the dust settles on yesterday's Smash EDO funeral march through Brighton, reaction has started on the blogosphere.

How Smash EDO's Brighton protests raise important questions over freedom of expression

The Argus: TROUBLE: A heavy police presence at last year's May Day Smash EDO demonstration in Brighton

10:21am Tuesday 5th January 2010

The Smash EDO campaign is refusing to co-operate with police over plans for a demonstration this month – just as it has throughout its five-year history.

Anti-arms demo planned at Brighton bank

6:52pm Friday 27th November 2009

Protesters are targeting a bank they accuse of supporting the arms trade.

Watchdog rule "no evidence" that Brighton's EDO supply Israeli air force

6:00pm Thursday 12th November 2009

Claims by a high-profile protest group that arms factory EDO supplied the Israeli air force are not confirmed by official records, an information watchdog ruled.

The Argus ordered to hand over Smash EDO footage to Sussex Police

2:00pm Saturday 26th September 2009

The Argus has been ordered to hand over footage of an anti-arms demonstration to police.

Moral law vs legal law: Smash EDO arms campaigners explain their stance

The Argus: The difference between moral law and legal law: Smash EDO arms campaigners explain their stance

1:37pm Friday 18th September 2009

BEN PARSONS asked two of Smash EDO s original supporters what lies behind its attitudes towards the police, the law and the defence industry that have characterised their campaign.

Brighton May Day Smash EDO protest costs police £310k

7:00am Monday 27th July 2009

The Brighton May Day Smash EDO protest cost Sussex police more than £310,000.

Filmmaker arrested in connection with Brighton "arms" factory break-in

9:44pm Thursday 25th June 2009

A film-maker has been arrested in connection with a break-in which caused £250,000 of damage at the EDO MBM Technology factory in Brighton.

Brighton factory picketed as another campaigner admitted demo crime

6:30pm Saturday 30th May 2009

A small group of anti-arms protesters picketed a factory as another campaigner was convicted of a crime committed at a demonstration.

EDO protesters guilty of aggravated trespass in Brighton

The Argus: EDO protesters guilty of aggravated trespass in Brighton

12:00pm Friday 29th May 2009

Four people have been found guilty of aggravated trespass at an anti-arms demonstration.

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