A SCHOOLBOY was airlifted to hospital after falling from a multi-storey car park.

Emergency services were called to Teville Gate car park, Worthing, at 4pm yesterday after the boy plunged from the third floor.

He is thought to be 12-years-old.

An 11-year-old eyewitness saw a boy standing near the ledge of the car park on his way home from school.

He said: “I saw him walking up on the third floor and he had his hands on his knees.

“I stood watching him for a minute because I was worried.

“He wasn’t with anyone and was in school uniform.”

He added he thought the uniform was that of nearby Worthing High School.

The 11-year-old said he went home before the boy fell and told his father he “thought something was going on”.

He then returned to the scene with his father and saw police and the air ambulance.

He said: “The sleeves of his blazer were cut off and I could see him being put in the air ambulance which was in Homefield Park.”

Police cordoned off the area from Station Approach to Tarring Road with several ambulance and police cars on the scene.

Senior police officers also attended the incident.

A customer in a nearby pub told The Argus: “I saw lots of police cars there. “It was awful, the poor thing.”

Mick Symes, who lives nearby, said: “Police officer were telling people they were dealing with a serious incident involving a minor.

“They taped off one of the levels of the car park and were with the person who had fallen.

“The air ambulance was in the park but the engines were off when I was there.

“It looked extremely serious – there were about 20 police officers telling everyone to keep away.”

People took to The Argus’s Facebook page after the incident.

Kirsty Turner wrote: “Hope the boy is okay. 

This is exactly why they should just hurry up and knock the whole car park down.”

Another Argus reader wrote: “It’s not a safe place. It is really worrying.”

Sussex Police said the boy was believed to be 12 years old and had been taken to hospital in a serious condition.

At the time of going to press there was no update on the youngster’s condition.

The car park is set to be demolished. Read more by clicking here