BRIGHTON and Hove has always been a popular place for busking.

There are plenty of pitches filled by these entertainers and most people are happy with the musicians adding to the quirkiness of the city.

The city council says it is happy to have buskers on the streets because they liven up the atmosphere for visitors and residents alike.

However complaints can arise if the volume, duration and frequency of the noise is excessive, especially for businesses.

One such case was a busker who was told to stop busking by Brighton Lanes security and consequently became an internet hit after uploading a video of the altercation in 2012.

Elliott Locke, known as Elijah MC, was busking in The Lanes when two private security officers told him to leave the area as he had no busking licence.

In the four-minute Youtube video, the dreadlocked musician asks what law the officers are enforcing.

Once a police officer arrived, Elliott was told that he was free to busk and wouldn’t have to move on. However, he was asked to keep the volume down a bit.

Elliott believes his interest in law helped him understand his rights when busking in Brighton.

Local bylaws mean that buskers can be asked to stop based on complaints received by police and the council.

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A teenage busker from Brighton was awarded a 100,000 euro recording contract in 2011 in a true rags to riches story of musical success.

Adam Davis honed his creative talents playing to the public in the city and was singed when he was just 15.

He submitted some of his songs to a French internet site where users are encouraged to invest in musicians.