TODAY we look back at a popular nursing home that is well respected among residents who stayed there and their family members.

Coppercliff Nursing Home was located in Redhill Drive in Withdean.

The house was donated to the people of Brighton and Hove by the Braybon family, who were a family famous for building in the area.

In 1967 it eventually became a hospice that focused on caring for cancer patients.

When The Martlets hospice in Hove opened in 1997, Coppercliff was renamed Outlook House and became a residential care home.

Many people have commented online and given positive reviews of the old nursing home.

Some say that it had lovely gardens with a tennis court at the bottom for residents to use.

There was a sweeping central staircase with a stained glass window on the first floor landing, one lady recalls.

The window had a picture of a builder’s trowel to signify that the building was donated by the Braybons.

The same year that Coppercliff Hospice opened, St Christopher’s Hospice opened under the leadership of Dame Cicely Saunders.

At the time, these two organisations were unique in the fact that as charities, they could provide their services at a cost affordable to everyone.

Over the years, medical conditions became more complex and it became difficult to meet patients’ needs with the restricted facilities of a converted house.

The staff and services for The Martlets hospice were formed from a merger with another two charities, Coppercliff Hospice and Tarner and MacMillan Day Hospice, hence the 3 birds in the logo.

A martlet is a mythical heraldic bird which looks similar to a swallow.

The Sussex County Crest also shows the bird and they can also be seen in the Sussex County Cricket Club emblem.

Do you recognise any of the people pictured above?

Do you have family members who were treated at the hospice before the merger took place?