HIGHER up North Street in Brighton, at the corner of King Street, once stood the Prudential Assurance Buildings.

The offices were initially built of a red-brick block in 1906, led by Alfred Waterhouse.

The Prudential Assurance Company Limited offers life insurance and workplace pensions.

It also provides life insurance, general insurance, employee benefits, and investment linked insurance products.

Wendy Ward left a comment on mybrightonandhove.org.uk recalling her memories of working for the Prudential Assurance Company.

Ms Ward said: "My first job was in the accounts department of the Prudential in 1962-66.

"I really enjoyed the work and all the girls in the department - we had a lot of laughs.

"I remember the old fashioned lift, and getting stuck between floors on one occasion.

"I'm still in touch with my friend Marion and often wonder what happened to Carole, Margaret, Hilary and others."

The offices were later demolished in 1967 and replaced by the second stage of the Prudential House, which stood on the site of the Cinema-de-Lux and Athenaeum Hall.

Prudential Buildings is now a Premier Inn, located in one of the busiest streets in Brighton.

Roadworks in Blatchington Road, Hove, outside Cup 'O' Chino can be seen above pictured in March, 1990.

The road was subject to sixteen weeks of roadworks.

It was no help when just as road repairs were about to begin, the water main was found to be leaking badly and causing cavities to open up underneath the road’s surface.

Mr S Forodi of Cup ‘O’ Chino was one of the traders on the road who said he was losing profit at the time.

Traders were already annoyed in March and by April they reported they were losing trade. Bill Smith, owner of Hove Decorating Centre, said his trade was down by 30%.

Chris Wells, boss of Truffle’s chocolate shop, said that even in the week before Mother’s Day his takings were £500 down.

Leon Krial of Blake’s Pharmacy had recently spent a great deal of money refurbishing his shop, only to see trade plummet by 40%.

Mr S. Forodi of the coffee shop Cup ‘O’ Chino said he was losing £1,000 a week.