TODAY we look back at local public figures including a councillor, a legendary Argus weatherman and even a human cannonball.

Former Argus weatherman Ken Woodhams died in 2015, aged 92.

Once he had eaten breakfast in the morning, come rain or shine Mr Woodhams would step in to the back garden of the house in Hove he had lived in for 82 years and collect data from his homemade weather station.

Despite working as a claims officer for Cornell Insurance for 49 years, Mr Woodhams used his own time to collate a table of temperatures and rainfall every month.

These reports are now available in national archives and Mr Woodhams was the Argus’s go-to source for anything weather related.

until 2005, reporters would regularly contact him to discover how bad the weather had been.

South African-born Andy Winter has worked for Brighton Housing Trust since 1985, initially as a residential support worker before becoming manager of the organisation’s drugs and alcohol service.

He became chief executive in 2003.

Mr Winter is shown left at Sillwood Hall in Brighton in 1987.

He was a councillor on the old Brighton Borough Council from 1985 until 1992.

Between 1996 and 2000 he undertook research into drug related deaths in the city.

Another of today’s photographs shows human cannonball Jane Bacon being fired from a cannon in Hove in 1985.

Human cannonballs have been a regular feature at circuses the world over for around 150 years.

A sand-filled dummy is used to test variables such as the angle of the cannon and even the temperature of the venue.

Did you ever see Jane perform?