BRIGHTON has always been a hot spot for musicians and entertainers.

Which is why in today’s Timeout we look back on visits from music and television stars who visited the area.

Sarah Brightman stands out as the only one on the page not laughing – but do you know what might have caused her stricken expression? She would have been performing at the Theatre Royal when this photo was taken in 1992, but do you know which show she would have graced with her soprano tones?

In two of our pictures, American singer-songwriter Suzi Quatro is having fun with a rifle – but do you know where she might be, or when these photos may have been taken? A clue on her T-shirt indicates it was after 1985.

Quatro gained fame in Europe and Australia in the 1970s as a major rock star, breaking down barriers for women’s participation in rock music.

Her solo hits span more than 40 years, and include Can the Can, 48 Crash, Daytona Demon, Devil Gate Drive, and Your Mamma Won’t Like Me.

At the top of the page Welsh entertainer Tessie O’Shea visits Brighton Boys Club (now Brighton Youth Centre) one summer in 1961.

Brought up in traditional British music halls, Ms O’Shea performed on stage as early as aged six, billed as the Wonder of Wales. She soon built up a huge following through BBC broadcasts and on stage in both the UK and South Africa.

She frequently finished her act by singing and playing a banjoele – a cross between a ukulele and a banjo – in the style of George Formby.

She was so popular in her day that she shared stages with the likes of The Beatles, and even had legendary playwright Noel Coward write a part specifically for her.

Looks like she gave the boys a treat in these pictures. Were you there?

Finally, we have Lisa Maxwell, actress best known for her role in The Bill from 2002 to 2009 and then appearing on lunchtime panel show Loose Women until 2014.

Here she is being carried by a large furry friend. Can you tell us more?