FOLLOWING yesterday’s pictures of Brighton and Hove mayors of the past, we have dug out a few more of another civic leader, Danny Sheldon.

Mr Sheldon was born in Wales and, like many others during the Great Depression between the world wars, his family moved to brighton.

Danny and his brother Bill both entered politics for different causes, Danny as a Conservative and Bill in the Labour Party.

Danny was the more successful of the two, representing the Kings Cliff ward in Kemp Town, where he oversaw the building of the Prince Regent leisure centre at a time when Brighton lacked public swimming facilities.

He later became the first mayor of the new borough of Brighton after the local government reorganisation in 1974.

With his warm manner and charismatic personality, Danny was such a hit that some residents thought he should have permanently held the position.

Danny cared passionately about his adopted town and would not easily compromise with other councillors over issues about which he felt passionate.

Because of this, Danny fell into political hot water and was deselected by the Tories – yet he fought to win his ward as an independent on both the borough and county councils.

But the confrontation took its toll on his health and he died from cancer aged 64 in 1982. By then, he had made peace with the party. His son, John, also became a Tory councillor.

Our pictures show some of the best instances of Danny’s love for Brighton.

In one, he and his wife Lilian are seen visiting children in a nursery.

Another depicts the couple unveiling a plaque at the Brighton Centre.

The mayor was very engaged in his community, paying visits to the Royal Naval Reserve, tulip sellers and the band of the Royal Engineers Association, although it is unclear whether he could play a tune.

The pair are all smiles in the pictures, reflecting their warm characters.

Did you ever have the chance to meet Mr Sheldon or the mayoress?

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