TODAY we look back at professors and teaching staff from the University of Sussex who had a profound impact in the field of medical research and treatment.

Dr Jan de Winter, who is pictured between 1960 and 1981, was a distinguished cancer expert who died in 2008 at his home in West Dean, aged 94.

He also worked at the University of Sussex for many years, where he was elected one of the first Senior Visiting Fellows.

After finishing his training at University College Hospital London he started his career in medicine at the Royal Cancer Hospital, which is now named the Royal Marsden.

Dr de Winter started working as a consultant in Brighton at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in 1950.

He worked there for over three decades until his retirement in 1981.

Brighton’s Copper Cliff Hospice for needy cancer victims was founded by Dr de Winter.

He is pictured left speaking after receiving a £4,000 cheque for Cancer Relief at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton.

Dr de Winter is also shown with a body scan ion TV monitor in 1981.

The NSCR Gold Medal was awarded to him in 1985 for his dedicated service to cancer patients.

Three University of Sussex professors are pictured together in 1968.

Dr Arnold Goldman, Professor Marcus Cunliffe and Dr Walter Eysselinck were listening to speeches at an event at the university.

Dr Eysselinck was present at the opening of the new arts centre at the University of Sussex in 1969.

Dr Eysselinck was the first director of the centre and Richard Attenborough was the chairman of the Arts Centre Board.

Ms M Duncombe, Dr Petrie and Mr J.H Mitchell, a former chairman of the hospital house committee, are pictured in 1966 with Miss M Copeland who was in charge of the new occupational therapy department. Our records do not state where these three people worked, although it may have been at the university.

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