ANOTHER cyclist has been injured after crashing in a cycle lane designed to make a busy road safer for bike users.

Robert Parr broke his pelvis and elbow after a heavy fall on his bike in Lewes Road, Brighton, as a bus bore down on him.

The 61-year-old finance worker said the kerb he hit causing the painful crash was unnecessary but council bosses say the blame lies with selfish drivers parking in the cycle lane.

Lewes Road underwent £4m improvements including new cycling lanes in 2014 but several cyclists were injured. They hit “hidden kerbs” around the Vogue Gyratory and the council had to change the junction’s northbound junction.

Mr Parr was riding into Brighton when he hit a low kerb while attempting to re-enter the cycle lane at Coombe Terrace as he avoided parked cars blocking his way.

Campaign group Bricycles have taken up the issue of cycle lane kerbs with the city council but said while some improvements have been made, the kerb and other “low visibility obstructions” were unlikely to be removed.

The group said inconsiderate parking blocking cycle lanes had not been “satisfactorily resolved” for more than 20 years.

Since the crash, parking enforcement and CCTV monitoring of the site has increased with 17 tickets issued in one evening.

Further work is being carried out to mark up the cycle lane with red surfacing, more double yellow lines and the replacement of missing bollards.

Mr Parr said the accident in November had not deterred him from cycling since his recovery.

He added: “That particular kerb, I don’t see it serves any useful purpose and I don’t think they should have put it in if they had really considered it.

“Much of what the council has done for cyclists has been good but that curb is obsolete.”

A council spokesman said: “It’s unlikely cyclists would generally regard this kerb as difficult to see. It is not near the kerb at the Vogue Gyratory which was quickly removed some years ago after reports of cycle accidents there.

“However we will make sure relevant transport managers are aware We’re always concerned to hear of cycle accidents as we’re constantly working to make cycling safer and wish Mr Parr a full recovery.”

The spokesman said parking in cycle lanes was not enforceable if the lane was not marked with yellow lines.

He added: “At this location it is likely there is much very short-term parking as people pop to shops. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for parking staff to be there all the time.”

Illegal parking should be reported on 0345 603 5469.