Every month, Brighton beauty boffin Rosie Crompton brings you all the latest in beauty news and reviews - from reporting on the latest trends and must-haves to discovering the best local beauty spots. This week, she gives the low-down on the new beauty bar at Trevor Sorbie.

The talented team of hair stylists and colourists at Trevor Sorbie Brighton had long ago convinced me that you’re guaranteed to leave your appointment looking and feeling fabulous. But now, the reputable salon on Nile Street will have you pampered to perfection, quite literally from head to toe, as they introduce a range of beauty treatments to the menu.

Resident beautician Kim Goble brings years of expertise to the salon with her range of beauty services including: HD Brows, threading, eyelash extensions and a range of manicures and pedicures –from a basic file and polish to Minx nail wraps. What better way to kill time while waiting for your highlights to cook than to treat yourself to a little pampering?!

Having heard news of Kim’s arrival to my favourite hairdressers, I popped down to the salon last week to try a little something for myself. Being somewhat time-deprived recently, my nails were in a dreadful state, so I booked in for a Gel Manicure to sort them out and keep them looking lovely for up to three weeks – requiring no further effort on my part. And how lovely they look! Ragged cuticles were trimmed away, rough skin restored, nails shaped and a shiny Shellac polish applied.

I’ve often heard people complain that Gel manicures don’t offer enough colour choice (the polishes can be quite expensive to buy) but Kim presented me with a wide spectrum of shades to choose from – from autumnal berries to neon pinks, navy blues and vivid teals. I went for a bright coral hue – perfect for the remainder of the summer.

One week (and a lot of washing up, manic typing and a spot of DIY) later and my manicure is still looking top notch – the Shellac finish stays super glossy and there’s not a chip in sight.

Beauty treatments are available in Trevor Sorbie Brighton on Wednesdays and Fridays – ideal for a top-to-toe transformation ahead of that big night out!

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