AMID the stresses and strains of everyday life, it can be difficult to find the time to enjoy leisure activities.

The people in these pictures are all engaged in such pursuits in one way or another.

Badminton, cricket, watersports and chess are not the most mainstream of sports – yes, Timeout does consider chess a sport – but nonetheless they are enjoyed by many people across the country.

Cricket has been played in Bexhill for over 100 years, and the members of its club stand proudly for a team photo in the picture left.

Were you a player? Do you remember a sense of cheery unity within the team?

It would interest us to hear how Bexhill Cricket Club has changed from 1958 to now.

Elsewhere, there looks to be an important game of chess going on in another snap – so important, in fact, that the mayor appears to be in attendance.

Do you remember the match?

And who were the two men trying to outfox each other in the ultimate game of strategy?

The craze seems to have caught on – a group of boys can be seen playing a game on the beach, of all places.

Were you one of the people in this photograph?

What inspired you to bring the board to the seaside for a game?

A pair of oars is a much more common sight on the seafront and our photographer snapped a man looking happy while holding his.

The prospect of a kayak or canoe session on a summer’s day does sound pretty enticing.

Badminton seems to have been popular in 1958, too.

If you are one of the men pictured above, or the women lunging for a low shot, please get in touch.