TODAY’S main photograph is among the oldest from our glass plate collection.

It shows the start of the construction of the undercliff walk, which now connects Brighton Marina and Rottingdean.

We are not sure who the men are in the main image, but they certainly look pleased with themselves.

Not only does the photo record a significant moment in our local history, it also says a lot about the class system at the time.

Just look at the two sets of people. In the foreground – you have two hardy looking fellows in flat caps and with cigarettes hanging out their mouths. They are busy working away in the dust and dirt.

Behind them is a group of well dressed men with pipes and cigars.

They’re certainly not going to get dirty.

The photo in the top right corner gives an indication of the sheer scale of the coastal defence scheme

It must have been quite a job to haul all those huge stone blocks over the side of the cliff.

If you recognise anyone then get in touch.

They are plenty of faces in today’s Timeout we need help identifying.

Bottom left shows a group of actors rehearsing ahead of a play. If you recognise any of them or can make out where they are then please email us.

Middle right is a good one for our aviation fans. The photo of the biplane is from the late 1940s but can you tell us which make and model it is?

We’re sure a few of you will be able to tell us where the garage is on the bottom row. It looks very similar as it is today.

And finally can you identify this worker slaving away in white overalls. He appears to be putting something into a kiln but do you know who he is and what he is doing?