FOR many generations sports days have been a highlight of the school year.

Usually held in the summer term, youngsters battle it out in numerous track and field events with their parents often getting involved. Today’s sports day photos come from the photo archive from the 1950s.

The main image shows a group of lads competing in the relay race.

There is no caption on the photo so we can’t be sure where they are. Get in touch if you can work it out.Top right is a photo of a young lad throwing the discus. Can you name the school in the background? It is also interesting to note the physiques of the young lads.

There is barely an ounce of fat on them. Granted these are probably the sporty children but even so they are all very lean.

Compare that to today where as many as one in three youngsters is overweight. It just goes to show the changes in our diet and lifestyle over the decades.

Below the main photo is a bespectacled young lad crossing the finish line ahead of his classmates.

He looks like he has hardly broken sweat. Do you recognise him? Maybe it is you? Get in touch if you can help.

Next to the image is a photo of young girls at a swimming gala. They’ve nearly all got their swimming caps on and some even have badges stitched to their costumes.

Today’s long, vertical image is also from the 1950s and shows a group of men standing around a mighty looking machine.

Again, there are no captions so we are not too sure where it is. Our best guess is Hove Engineerium but get in touch if you think you know better.

With Cheltenham Festival this week we also thought we would include a horsey photograph. It looks as if it is a show jumping photo judging by the jump and the water feature. Do you recognise the rider and the course?

It is a perfectly timed shot from our photographer as the horse desperately reaches for dry land.

If you know who he is then please email us at the usual address.