SUSSEX has a long and proud connection with aviation which stretches back to the early pioneers of flight.

Founded in 1910, Shoreham Airport is the oldest in the UK and the oldest purpose-built commercial airport in the world.

The first aviator to fly there was a man called Harold Piffard in 1910.

A memorial garden at the airfield celebrates his first historic flight.

It also had one of the first flying schools in the world which opened in 1913 and since then thousands have taken to the skies from the airfield.

Many of today’s photographs come from Shoreham, including the main image which shows a biplane of the day with the 1930s Art Deco terminal building in the background.

The building must have been newly opened as the picture is dated from the mid 1930s.

We know a lot of our readers are aviation buffs so we’re sure many of you will be able to identify this curious looking aircraft.

And can anyone explain the Olley Air Service which is plastered along the side of the fuselage? Was it a local company? Where did it fly to?

Did any of your relatives work for Olley Air Service.

Bottom left is what looks like a Spitfire. Again it is dated from the mid 1930s so it must be a fairly early model.

However, we could well be wrong. Let us know if you can identify it.

The photo next to it shows a rather serious looking accident. Remarkably there is barely a mark on it. Do you know what happened? Did the pilot survive?

Top right is another lovely shot. Again, you can make our the Art Deco terminal building in the background.

It looks like another biplane but we’re stumped as to what it is. Get in touch if you know.

We are also having trouble identifying the photo below it. It looks like a prototype of some kind. It certainly looks a little flimsy.

We found this photo of a ship coming into port in the same file from the 1930s. Can you name it? We’d love to hear from you.