IN THE 1970s, people travelled by train – a lot.

That is what we can learn from a quick glimpse at today’s photographs, although why Argus editors in days gone by dispatched professional photographers to capture these moments for posterity is a mystery.

There are some interesting comparisons and contrasts to commuting in the present day.

Two of our photographs show crowds milling about in the teeth of cancellations and unofficial strike action by public sector employees of a nationalised rail network.

Of course, nothing like that would ever happen today.

Elsewhere we can see a jarring image: a huge advert for tobacco brand

Castella cigars and Embassy cigarettes could never be advertised in public like this today. Today cigarette packets are unbranded and carry hard-hitting images of disease yet in 1969, their names were emblazoned above the station concourse.

Do get in touch if you recognise anyone from any of our images.